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Depravity: A Narrative of 16 Serial Killers

Depravity: A Narrative of 16 Serial Killers - Harvey Rosenfeld I really wanted to enjoy this but sadly it promised much and failed to deliver. I was expecting an insightful psychological look at crime, psychopaths and serial killers. Instead, it read more like a true crime anthology. Although a few studies were referenced, I didn't feel the book reflected the depth of research I'm sure was involved in its creation (or at least that I'd hope would be involved).

Perhaps the main problem is how many serial killers were profiled. Had half the amount been more thoroughly profiled in the book, I think it would have more than met its aims. As a true crime read, it's a three. As a volume that allows you to "Find out what motivated them to lead such horrible lives", it needs considerably more depth to elevate it.