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Ed Hardy Art for Life

Ed Hardy Art for Life - Ed Hardy "Ed Hardy Art for Life" by Alan Govenar is an excellent book, which provides some wonderful examples of some stunning tattoos. The book provides a written introduction to Ed Hardy and his work but the real magic of this book is in the artwork shown. The tattoos vary greatly from relatively simple pieces to stunningly intricate masterpieces. Additionally, we are introduced to some of Ed Hardy's other artwork, including drawings and paintings.

As someone who has tattoos, I found this an easy book to appreciate; however, for those who don't have tattoos but still admire them, this would also be a wonderful choice. I think it could also be an eye opener for those who think tattoos are ugly. Some of the visuals in this book are so eye-catching and memorable, it's impossible to see them as anything other than beautiful.

This is a really nice title which would be a great coffee-table choice and a must for all tattoo admirers. Absolutely wonderful.