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The Good Plain Cook

The Good Plain Cook - Bethan Roberts Bethan Roberts has written a nice book here. It's not a masterpiece or even a page turner (not for me anyway) but she creates a good straightforward story with believable characters. Kitty is a young woman who takes up a position as 'a good plain cook'. Her master and mistress are far from troublefree and essentially this is a story about what happens if you take a house full of people, add in some attraction, some problems, a spoonful of scandal and so on. It lacks the 'blockbuster scandal' feel of some modern novels but this seems to fit with the time period of the book (1930s).

However, it is not the story that seems the key here to me but Roberts' description of characters and their feelings. She really seemed to me to capture how people feel or might respond in a given situation. It is these descriptions that add colour to the book and its scenes.

There's not much more to say without giving the plot away but give it a whirl - it's a nice holiday read or even just a weekend curled up escaping bad weather.