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Gents - Warwick Collins Gents is a short novel and easy to read. The writing is fluid and straight forward and the characters are believable, although their development is limited due to the length of the book.

The plot is a more a vehicle to the delivery of the moral than anything else. A man begins working in a public urinal and is shocked to find it is used for casual sex. At first the book seems to have very judgmental, almost intolerant overtones. It is worth progressing with to see how the interaction of the characters - and circumstances of fate - affect the protoganist and his views.

All the same, I cannot give the book more than three stars. It put me in mind of a book for young-adults (apart from the subject matter). It is short and therefore holds your concentration for the required period and has a very clear point to make. But it isn't a gripping story or a 'must-read' 'can't put down' choice.