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The List

The List - Karin Tanabe Adrienne Brown has had enough of glitz, glamour and Town and Country magazine. She wants to work for a more serious publication. Thrilled to get a job at the Capitolist (“The List”), she initially overlooks the frighteningly long hours, low pay, extreme workload and lack of respect she has to endure – with a smile – until she can make her mark.

Laced with snarky humour and a (just about!) healthy dose of bitchiness, the novel sees Adrienne uncover the scoop that will make her but only if she’s willing to ruin others’ lives. Is she willing to go the distance?

Raising great questions about the balance of ambition versus respect for others, the value we place on success over decency and how difficult it is to hide secrets (both past and present), The List is as thought-provoking as it is enjoyable. Featuring an incredibly likeable heroine, you initially cheer for her and the success she could achieve but it is impossible not to feel a gnawing doubt as the novel progresses. If the right thing for you is the wrong thing for so many others, is it worth it?

I don’t normally read reviews from others about a book until I’ve written my own. Not that I’m easily led but it can be hard to sort your own opinions when you’re sorting through those of others. However, when adding The List to my Goodreads shelf, I noticed another had commented to say they expected something darker. I felt much the same, expecting something much more tense. That isn’t to say I was disappointed in the least. The List is edgy, funny and highly entertaining and makes for an excellent read.

If you enjoy edgy women’s fiction or some political intrigue and scandal, be sure to check this one out!