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Undeniably Yours

Undeniably Yours  - Shannon Stacey Undeniably Yours is a sweet and sexy tale of a sports bar owner who finds his days as a Lothario/Cassanova/general stud are brought to a swift demise after an unintended one night stand. And when I say unintended, I mean Kevin Kowalski hoped it would be the start of a lot more - but Beth Hansen is too strong-willed to be just one more number on a napkin and she leaves Kevin before he can walk out on her. However, when she finds out she's pregnant, she refuses to keep it from Kevin and the news turns both of their worlds upside down.

I enjoyed this read - although it has all the hallmarks of a classic romance (misunderstandings, unable to keep away from one another, strong willed characters who won't back down), it had a very modern up-to-date feel about it. It's also always nice to see a romance that shows the guy investing his feelings from early on in the book, instead of trying to fight the fact that his days as a bachelor are over.

However, if Kevin is a great character, Beth is... less easy to identify with. I found her very irrational at times and though Stacey did a good job of trying to explain some of her feelings and insecurities, often she just came across as... well, not very nice if I'm honest.

If there was one other thing I didn't like it was probably the mini-story that happens between two of the other characters in the book. It isn't a hugely lengthy read and I just felt like that distracted from the dynamic of the novel rather than adding to it. I'd rather the book was another 100 pages in length if another storyline was going to be thrown in. I kept reading and wondering if somehow it would tie in to the overall story somehow and prove to be a key element - but I'm really not sure it did and would have happily seen that aspect removed.

Those two things notwithstanding (and they are not deal-breakers by any means), Undeniably Yours is a good read with some great characters. If you're a romance fan, this will probably tick all the boxes for you and hopefully press a few buttons. Definitely a lovely read for a cosy night in or - if warmer weather permits - a day on the beach!