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The Unwilling Bride

The Unwilling Bride - Candy Ann Little First of all, let me be completely upfront about my reservations about The Unwilling Bride: it does rank highly under Religious/Christian Fiction on Amazon and as an atheist I really wasn’t convinced it would sit well with me. I voiced my reservations to the author and she reassured me that the religious aspect of the novel is quite minor, compared to everything else that goes on. I must admit that whilst there was a tad more religion in the book than in titles I would normally go for I was able, for the most part, to accept it as I would any other characterisation aspect within a novel. For many, it won’t matter at all – for some it will and that’s why I felt I needed to lay that straight out there.

Caitlin Gallagher is a feisty female – strong-willed, independent and utterly determined to stick to her principles: even if that’s not always the best thing to do! Enter Dillon Cade, the other half in her arranged marriage and – to put it mildly – she goes pretty spare. It’s up to Dillon to try and win her round and protect her from the family secrets her parents have hidden so well up to now.

I liked Caitlin. I thought she showed great character and spirit and stood up for her beliefs and what was important to her, even as those things changed throughout the book. I actually thought that as a character she was stronger than Dillon but as a pair they worked wonderfully.

There are some very touching scenes in the book and this is a romance where the affection and caring is very much at the centre of it (but don’t worry – there’s still a little bit of steamy – but respectable… ish – passion in there). Candy Little writes well, keeping the pace of the novel moving steadily at all times. I’m no historian but the details regarding the activities, clothing and furnishings all seemed to add a layer of authenticity to the novel.

This is a very touching and charming read with all the hallmarks of a proper romance underscored with a lovely splash of history!

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