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Blue Blood for Life

Blue Blood for Life - Stacy Eaton After reading and enjoying My Blood Runs Blue, the first book in this series, I was looking forward to Blue Blood for Life and, in particular, the return of some of the characters from the original book.

I was pleased to see that the book started just weeks after the first had finished and sure enough Kristin was back to being a gritty, no-nonsense cop, as independent as ever despite the events of the first book. In Blue Blood for Life, however, Stacy Eaton takes a brave step by introducing some new - and very significant - characters.

I must admit that at times I found the first 100 pages slightly clumsy. The combination of recapping past events but also introducing brand new characters seemed to stall the novel at times, whilst it seemed to rush ahead at others. However, once these hurdles had been overcome and the scene had been set, the novel travelled at an excellent pace, like a smooth but nonetheless exhilarating rollercoaster ride into the world of crime, vampires and love. Or should that be lust?

The introduction of new characters sees Kristin's friends making an appearance, though only one stays the course throughout the book and I think it's the stronger for that: too many strong characters can overwhelm a novel easily. This book sees the return of some familiar vampires in the forms of Gabe, Julian and Alex but, again, there are new faces and two in particular stir this mix of bloodlust, danger, passion and surprises into an absolute frenzy.

As with the first book, the telling of events from the point of view of two, sometimes three characters can make it feel a little repetitive at times but it's clear that the author has taken steps to reduce this. I'm confident that in future books Eaton will find the perfect balance between giving major characters a voice and ensuring the story is told succinctly.

Blue Blood for Life is a sexy, exciting adventure with some fantastic moments. The book was a very satisfying read and I raced through the last hundred pages, determined to find out what the outcome would be. If you believed book one had some twists and turns in store, all I can say is hold on to your hat for book two. I need some serious recovery time now before facing book three!

Note: I received a review copy (PDF) from the author. All opinions are my own.