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The Mark (Henry Parker Novels)

The Mark (Henry Parker Novels) - Jason Pinter This is Pinter's first novel and it's a fair first attempt. The main character is a young, idealistic reporter who ends up running for his freedom and his life after shooting a cop. I won't give too much away but this is a reasonably good story with some twists, turns and - of course - romance.

Two things made it difficult for me to rate this more highly. Firstly, the main character Henry didn't seem very likeable to me. A little too arrogant, a little too know-it-all, a little too whiny. Secondly, I found Pinter's style of writing a little monotonous. Sometimes the book seemed to plod along, not generating excited page-turning but more a vague curiousity to see how things turned out.

Some of Pinter's characters were a little one-dimensional and not very realistic or believable. When you're looking at a book filled with criminals and psychopaths, that's possibly reassuring. But some of the same artists that have raved about Pinter on the cover sleeve (such as Tess Gerritsen) seem to manage this much more successfully, so it can be done.

Nonetheless, as a first novel, it shows a certain promise for the genre and I'd be interested to read his future offerings - I think further practice will make Pinter a real contender in this area.