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Crossroads Road: A Novel

Crossroads Road: A Novel - Jeff Kay Crossroads Road by Jeff Kay is the very funny tale of what happens when the answer to all your hopes turns out to be the key to a whole new set of problems. Imagine you’re desperate to start again, to break away from the humdrum banality of life and enjoy a quieter existence. Imagine a relative wins millions of dollars and offers to buy you a house and give you enough money to make sure you can have a substantial break from work, as long as you’re careful with the money. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true?

Well, not if you’re going to be living on Crossroads Road. With interfering relatives. With mayhem and madness at every turn.

It’s not often I read books that I find genuinely funny but Jeff Kay’s novel is certainly full of laughs. From the millionaire control freak who still insists on smuggling fried chicken into venues on a day out to her frankly utterly odd children and grandchildren, Crossroads Road is so chock full of bizarre characters and their unusual antics that it’s a bit like ‘car wreck TV’ in book format! You can see it coming… you know you shouldn’t read on… but you do!

This is very entertaining and the caricatures in the book serve to point out some important facts: it’s hard living with family. It’s even harder when your family are so far from normal it’s almost beyond belief. And – of course – the grass is not always greener on the other side! Very amusing, very easy to read and very good fun.

Originally published on Book Bags and Cat Naps.