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Silent Witnesses

Silent Witnesses - Nigel McCrery Both crime and forensic science are fascinating topics and the combination of scientific progress and psychological understanding have led to some amazing advancements in recent years.

Silent Witnesses looks at some of the key turning points: the cases that were solved by groundbreaking technologies of the time or the cold cases resurrected and solved decades on. Most importantly, it profiles the immense work that goes into making sure the victims of crime have a voice, even long after the crime has been committed.

I thought this was a fascinating read. So many crime books focus on the criminal and their background. To find one that focuses so much on the criminologists, the scientists and, most importantly, the victims, is unusual to say the least. McCrery’s title come across as well researched, heavy on facts and low on shock tactics.

An excellent pick for science, crime or psychology fans and I’d venture history lovers would enjoy this too.