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Scandalous - Tilly Bagshawe I love Tilly Bagshawe's novels and Scandalous is no exception. What happens when Sasha - a shy but promising undergraduate - falls for her handsome, sophisticated, married and ultimately self-serving professor? Well, they don't ride off into the sunset, that's for sure. In typical Bagshawe style, however, the female characters rarely let the men in their lives keep the upper hand for too long. And, after all, Sasha is not the only wronged one in this scenario: there's also his kindhearted but downtrodden wife, Theresa.

Full of sass, twists and turns and the proof that revenge is a dish most definitely served cold, Scandalous is fabulously fun read. Tilly Bagshawe brings her characters to life so - love them or hate them - you can't wait to find out more about them. It's a superbly easy read, both because it's well structured and also because she uses straightforward, punchy language and dialogue. A must if you love chick-lit with an edge!