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Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements

Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements - Hugh Aldersey-Williams I'll be honest enough to admit that I don't read non-fiction as often as I'd like but every now and again something catches my eye. This had been on my wishlist so when it came up on Amazon Vine I leapt at the chance to read it.

I'm very glad I did. The last book that caught my interest in this way was The Shocking History of Phosphorus: A Biography of the Devil's Element, a book I enjoyed so much I read it twice. Periodic Tales does not have the space to devote such attention to each individual element but nonetheless gives a good introduction to the history of the elements and introduces a great deal of information that many of us will never have encountered before.

Although it will doubtless appeal most to those who have an interest in science, medicine or history in general, there is much to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading non-fiction. It is very well written and the author's great interest and passion about his subject is evident. It is also filled with historical anecdotes and tales that really bring it to life.