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The Story of a Marriage

The Story of a Marriage - Andrew Sean Greer "We think we know the ones we love." This is the opening line from The Story of Marriage and sets the tone of the book. Pearlie is a young woman, living with her husband and child in relative happiness. One day, a knock on the door changes everything as an old friend of her husband brings with him some secrets she would have prepared to stay buried. It's hard to tell you much more of the plot without giving the book away but really the book pivots around what Pearlie will do for the man she loves and the lies we will tell believing we are protecting people.

The book is very well written. At 190+ pages it's quite short compared to many current offerings but it allows just enough time for the story to play out. Andrew Sean Greer writes in a clear plain fashion and manages to throw in enough shocking moments to keep you in suspense. Whilst it isn't exactly profound, it is thought provoking to a degree.

I would read this again and I would recommend it as a read. Don't expect anything life changing but do enjoy a very pleasant book about love and duty.