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The Stepbrothers

The Stepbrothers - Lisa  Day Samantha Culpepper is due to marry George – she thinks he’s a nice, well-mannered man but his stepbrother, Clint, knows better. He’s bitter about George and he’s bitter about Samantha and he’s all set to prove it.

Sadly, despite a feisty spirit and a real backbite, Samantha gets caught up in a nasty and vicious feud between Clint and George, with Mac trying to intervene. Mac has fallen under Samantha’s spell but nice guys finish last and with Clint and George fighting over her, will he even get a look in?

The Stepbrothers was quite an enjoyable read, with an intricate web of love, lust, control and anger woven together; however, I’d be lying if I said it really set me alight. I think the problem for me is that Samantha seems completely savvy and strong-willed one minute and quite naive and accepting the next. Clint is the ‘hero’ of the novel but in many ways he seemed beyond redemption to me. His approach to Samantha is often manipulative, even coercive and it just didn’t feel very comfortable. Normally, by the end of the novel I’m routing for the hero to get the girl – with The Stepbrothers, part of me was hoping Samantha would just dump a bucket of icy water in his lap and run for the hills.

There’s nothing technically wrong with The Stepbrothers so I feel it’s only fair to point out that this is completely down to personal preference. The characters didn’t really resonate with me, I didn’t really empathise or connect with any of them and ultimately that meant I didn’t really care what the outcome was. That notwithstanding, from an objective point of view I can appreciate that if you like historical romance and don’t mind a male character who is a little… forceful, then you may well enjoy this one much more than I did.

Originally published on Book Bags and Cat Naps. I received an advanced review copy in exchange for my fair and honest review. I did not receive any additional compensation and all views are my own.