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Brilliant Prey

Brilliant Prey - Brenda Wallace Brilliant Prey is an excellent read full of puzzles, twists and turns.

The main character, Lauren, is picking up the pieces of her life following her husband's suicide a year before and a tragic miscarriage that followed soon after. Having applied to Mensa, more to distract her than anything else, she finds herself faced with macabre puzzles that are of a much more disturbing tone than befits the organisation. Could it be that someone is trying to reach her for more sinister reasons?

This intriguing mystery/thriller follows Lauren as she attempts to put the pieces of the puzzle together, whilst trying to cope her with own emotions as she faces up to her own tragedies.

Wallace has received criticism for some complex aspects of the novel and the introduction of too many characters. On the contrary, I feel these things only add to the story. Brilliant Prey is like a stubborn ball of knots that must be worked at bit by bit. Just as you think you have begun to reach the centre, you stumble across a whole new set of problems. That's the nature of Brilliant Prey: a difficult novel, with some complex characters and absolutely satisfying to work through.

Did I solve the puzzles? I'm afraid that's between me and my copy of Brilliant Prey.

Note: I received a copy of Brilliant Prey from the author in exchange for my fair and honest review: I did not receive any additional compensation. All views are my own.