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Wink Murder

Wink Murder - Ali Knight We'd all like to believe that we trust our loved ones implicitly but if your spouse came home shaking, covered in blood, with a story that didn't quite add up, could you banish your doubts automatically? Ali Knight sets out such a scenario in Wink Murder when Kate's husband Paul arrives home in a mess, claiming to have hit a dog. When his colleague is found dead, Kate's suspicions kick into overdrive.

Wink Murder is a well executed thriller that keeps you guessing throughout. I found both Kate and Paul to be questionable - not in the way they were portrayed but in the fact that I was suspicious of both of them at various times throughout the novel, not to mention other characters. In that respect, Knight kept the suspense up. It certainly isn't fast-paced but I think this matches the idea that Kate is desperately trying to keep to 'business as usual'.

All in all, well written, entertaining, a decent storyline and characters and well worth a read.