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Special Delivery

Special Delivery - Lia Fairchild Special Delivery is a touching short story by Lia Fairchild about a widow who finds that in the year following her husband’s death her life remains full of the flowers he so often presented her with. Amy wins a competition to have a bouquet delivered every month for a year and – in the aftermath of her husband’s untimely death – finds comfort in the regular deliveries, not only in the form of the flowers but also in caring delivery man Dave.

The story intersects the point at which Amy’s year of flowers is about to reach an end but also touches upon a bigger theme, which is whether Amy has begun to deal with her grief and is able to move on.

This is a short story, rather than a book; however, it is only priced at $0.99 (Amazon’s lowest possible price). In an age where we have come to accept 99 cent e-book bargains, at first look you may wonder why to spend your money on a story instead of a novella or full length novel. However, this is also an age where we have come to accept spending $3 for a cup of coffee, so why shouldn’t you invest $0.99 in a quality piece of writing to go along with it? The $0.99 debate will long continue but authors are not selling readers short when they sell a story for this price: instead, the novella or novel that you receive for this price is a great bonus (provided, of course, it’s a good quality). We should appreciate that but still be willing to pay a decent price for decent fiction.

Special Delivery brings a touch of warmth to the heart and a smile to the face of the reader. In a few thousand words Lia Fairchild is able to develop her theme, her characters and her story and provide something utterly heartwarming. If nothing else, it is a superb sample of what lies ahead in the full length novel In Search of Lucy.