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Designing Woman (Candlelight Ecstasy, #72)

Designing Woman (Candlelight Ecstasy, #72) - Elaine Raco Chase Designing Woman brings together astute businessman Griffen St Clair and feisty designer Brandy Abbott. Griffen is proud and stubborn, quick to leap to assumptions. Despite playing the daring temptress, Brandy is actually much less wild than her countenance and actions suggest but having baited Griffen she has to try and rise to the challenge – and is stunned by how much she enjoys this.

This is the second romance by Elaine Raco Chase that I’ve read (full review on Dare the Devil to come soon) and she can certainly create chemistry between characters. I love romance – I love a great balance of misunderstandings, drama, hot-headedness and chemistry and Raco Chase is certainly aware that those are vital elements.

The problem – for me – was that Designing Woman felt ever so slightly dated and there were some things that stopped me from feeling fully immersed in the story. As a romance reader, I want to imagine that I’d be swept off my feet too and Griffin just didn’t do it. He smoked, for one thing. It seems a small thing but as an ardent non-smoker, you may as well tell me he has a dead kipper pinned to his lapel for what it does to his sex appeal. And he’s a litter bug! I was just enjoying a touching scene between Brandy and Griffen and he threw his cigar towards the sea! It sounds stupid, perhaps, but these are the details that can easily jar a reader from happy contemplation to… ‘huh?’

Nonetheless, I did enjoy the read and this – combined with my experience of Dare the Devil – is enough to convince me that I will certainly read more of Elaine Raco Chase’s work in future.

**Review originally published on Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dave. I received a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I did not receive any additional compensation and all views are my own.**