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Dominance - Will Lavender This book started very promisingly. I love a good thriller or mystery and this seemed to provide a good mix of puzzles, mysteries and dangers.

The book revolves around a former professor (once convicted of murder, now acquitted), a current professor (once a student of the former professor), an author and a game called 'The Procedure', which seems to involve emulating the author's works in real life. The aspects of the mystery surrounding the professor and author and murders that have taken place are very compelling, particularly as the book is told by jumping between the past and the present so you only learn a little bit at any one time.

Where the book falls down for me is 'The Procedure'. Perhaps it's a little too clever for me but I just couldn't grasp the concept of people becoming so enamoured with 'The Procedure' that it led to ruined lives, hatred, mistrust and - ultimately - murder.

That notwithstanding it was a good read with some very interesting characters and a number of twists and turns that certainly kept me guessing, even if they did seem a little far-fetched at times!