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The Piano Teacher: A Novel

The Piano Teacher: A Novel - Janice Y. K. Lee The Piano Teacher by Janice Y K Lee is a beautifully written novel. Part love story, part war story it tells the story of two main characters, Will and Claire. The story stretches across ten years and starts in 1942 with Will's love affair with Trudy, a Eurasian socialite. Ten years later Will meets Claire and they embark upon an affair, only for the secrets of his past to impact upon them.

It's wonderfully written and the words really flow well. I was wary about the content originally but once I began reading I found it very easy to get into and follow. The characters, though not always likeable, are realistic (and realistically flawed). Although I can't profess to being very knowledgable about Hong Kong's history, the story seemed to flow well and the events all seemed tangible.

This was a very enjoyable and moving read of two quite different love affairs set within a decade of one another and a story of how it isn't always possible to bury one's own history. Very enjoyable.